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Play the source. Refer to the instructions for the source component (and page 78 for details about tuning). Note x7577 When controlling an audio/video component (tape deck, MD recorder, CD player, DVD/LD player, etc.) with the remote control, press one of the component selector buttons, (TAPE/MD, CD, DVD/LD, etc.), which corresponds to the component you want to control.

:Yamaha HTR-5890 -Channel A/V Surround

Main speakers A Right Subwoofer connection If you have a subwoofer with built- in amplifier, including the YAMAHA Active Servo Processing Subwoofer System, connect the input terminal of the subwoofer system to the SUBWOOFER OUTPUT terminal of this unit. Be sure to connect the right channel (R), left channel (L), x756C + x756D .

Product Registration - Yamaha

BASIC OPERATION When using the remote control, press AMP (TUNER) on the component selector. x7568 x7568 Set VOLUME to the x756C m x756D position. Turn the power on. Front panel Press SPEAKERS A or B to select the main speakers to be used. If you use two main speaker systems, press both A and B.

DSP-R996/RX-V996/RX-V996/RX-V996RDS/HTR-5795/HTR-5795RDS DISPLAY DATA V556 : 66-BT-76GK (V9698855) PATTERN AREA x7577 PIN CONNECTION Pin No. CONNECTION Pin No. CONNECTION Pin No. NOTE 6) F6, F7..Filament 7) NP..No pin 8) P6~P77..Segment CONNECTION 9) 6G~66G..Grid 5) Fd terminals are to be supplied through 56k x7676 .

5. MAIN LVL Choices: NORM (Normal)/ x7568 65 dB Preset position: NORM (Normal) NORM (Normal) Normally select this position. x7568 65 dB Select this position if the sound output from the main speakers is too loud and cannot be balanced with the sound output from the center and rear speakers.

Advanced Information Setup codes You can set the code for the manufacturer of your component after pressing the component selector buttons other than AMP (TUNER). Turn on your component to be used. Press one of the component selector buttons which corresponds to the component to be controlled.

CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS Display t indicator The x756C t x756D indicator lights up when the built-in DTS decoder is turned on. DSP program indicators The name of the selected DSP program lights up in the following cases: x7577 When the tuner is selected as the input source. x7577 .

DIGITAL SOUND FIELD PROCESSOR (DSP) EFFECT Selecting a DSP Program You can enhance your listening experience by selecting a DSP program. Refer to pages 75 to 77 for details about each program. x7568 x7568 On the front panel Make sure that the effect speakers (center, rear, and subwoofer) are turned on.

DSP-R996/RX-V996/RX-V996RDS/HTR-5795/HTR-5795RDS I PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD (Foil side) x7577 J, U, C, R, T, A and L models P. C. B. ASS'Y TUNER LIST There are two types of Tuner P. C. B. assemblies for this model: P. C. B. TUNER (Lead Type & SMD) Model Markets Lead Type Lead & .

This product, when installed as indicated in the instructions contained in this manual, meets FCC requirements. Modifications not expressly approved by Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. 7. IMPORTANT : When connecting this product to accessories and/or another product use only high quality shielded cables.

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