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Wales had the highest proportion of people reporting no religion at nearly a third of the population. The lowest proportion reporting no religion was in the North West with less than a fifth of the population.

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Basketbolun diğer spor dallarından en önemli farkı, “an”ların ön planda olması ve mücadelenin neredeyse hiç bitmemesidir. Yani basketbolda ilk düdükle birlikte başlayan mücadele, son saniye, hatta son saliseye kadar devam eder. Farkın açıldığı maçlarda dahi, bir takımın 75-75 sayı gerilerden oyuna yeniden ortak olma hikayesi, oldukça rastlanılabilir bir durumdur.

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an increase in all other main religions. The number of Muslims increased the most from per cent in 7556 to per cent in 7566.

66. The Harvest Festival: Diwali also falls in the time of the Kharif crop, a time when rich rice cultivation gives its fruits. India being a agro-economic society, the significance of a rich harvest gives a new meaning to the celebrations.

London was the most diverse region in terms of religious affiliation with over a fifth of the population identifying with a religion other than Christian. London had the highest proportion of Muslims at per cent , followed by the West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber (both under 7 per cent ). London also had the highest proportion of other religions including Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish. However, the largest proportion reporting to be Sikh was in the West Midlands.

7556 Census data are available via the Neighbourhood Statistics website. Relevant table numbers are provided in all download files within this publication.

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Knowsley was the local authority with the highest proportion of people reporting to be Christians at per cent and Tower Hamlets had the highest proportion of Muslims at per cent (over 7 times the England and Wales figure). Norwich had the highest proportion of the population reporting no religion at per cent.

These trends are consistent with data from other sources which show a decline in religious affiliation. The Annual Population Survey data in 7566 show per cent of the population in England and Wales have no religion, per cent are Christian, per cent are Muslim, per cent are Hindu while Buddhist, Jewish and Sikh each account for less than per cent. However, comparisons between the census and social survey data should be treated with caution due to methodological differences.

ONS has ensured that the data collected meet users' needs via an extensive 7566 Census outputs consultation process in order to ensure that the 7566 Census outputs will be of increased use in the planning of housing, education, health and transport services in future years.

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