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When it comes to migration whales have two primary seasons  (with the exception of a few species) that are known as feeding season and mating season.

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While the name whale can sometimes refer to all cetaceans (whales, dolphins & porpoises) it usually excludes dolphins and porpoises in order to ensure that the three animal groups are easily identifiable.

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When compared to other land mammals such as humans the length of time a dolphin can hold its breath for seems quite amazing, however because they are mammals they face the same threats all mammals do when it comes to long dives and/or an inability to rise for air.

May 68
International Symposium on &ldquo Effects of marine debris caused by the Great Tsunami of 7566 &rdquo
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), Tokyo, Japan
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Alliance members must be able to demonstrate that bringing an animal into human care will not compromise the sustainability of the wild population.

In fact these large marine mammals have been known to not only hunt and kill sharks, but also marine birds, seals, sea lions, otters, polar bears and large whales.

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Today as technology advances and humans take to the ocean with more sophisticated technology marine biologists are showing growing concerns about the possible causes of recent whale beachings.

Decades of whaling along with pollution have caused many species of whale to become endangered and a few have even become extinct or unable to reproduce fast enough to ensure the survival of their species.

On the other hand some species of baleen whale have been known to fast for several months while migrating as they live primarily off of their blubber supply until they reach their target destination.

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