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CATIA V5 Getting Started with Catia V5

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Our client base is located throughout Canada and the United States Ontario, Vancouver, Quebec, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Maine and Ohio. Our clients rely on our team to assist them with the evaluation of Dassault's products like CATIA V5, provide CATIA implementation, develop a CATIA V5 curriculum to suit their training requirements and assist with CATIA design needs.

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#55 When creating assemblies with several constraints, LABEL THEM so you know what you're looking at when one of them breaks or fails. Do it when you create the constraint.

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“Kick Start your career by learning latest technologies in Industrial Automation with Hands-on practicle training by industry experts.”

Haha! Great costume, Dave!

Just wanted to add to the great list that is growing.

Avoiding update cycles - avoid part to part links, and use master geometry. Keep the master geometry in the top level and publish all the elements. Turn on the options to keep link and restrict links to published elements (makes designing take more time, but revisions much much easier). I cut this corner every once and awhile, and usually regret it.

Isolate (unless it is master geometry) is generally a very bad thing.

Don't send anything downstream that is cluttered (broken links, bad structure, hard to understand) and run CATDUA. You will hear about it.

I would like to thank you and your team for providing me "CBAP Exam Prep Training Workshop" successfully. I really appreciate everyone for being so responsive, professional and kind enough to help me in all aspects. The training happened remotely, however I really did not get the feel of distance gap. The trainer helped me to related the course concepts with the IT industry that honed my creative thinking skills.
Thank you to everyone.

6. Fix the tool body for the boolean operation by maintaining its edges along with the walls' original iso uv directions.

Add comments in your model and Collaborate with your team. Maintain context of your comments using the 8D Markup tools. Compare Models in 8D

Compare various versions of design to inspect changes. Visually identify the added, removed and modified features of parts and assemblies. Glovius Cloud

I'm an NC guy also.. (or was). Actually, I'm trying to get into the design side of things..up stream from the NC programmer role. I guess I got a little burned out with the job shop I really wasn't learning anything new and not going anywhere.

I wondered about this. I have a book (can't recall the author) for V5 that did exactly what you are saying not to: All sorts of bodies for an otherwise simple part with a plethora of Boolean ops.

Find the source of variation, honing in on either particular part tolerances, or processes. Many times the source of variation is in the assembly process and the solution does not require the changing of tolerances. This can give engineers the ability to improve quality without having to make costly tolerance adjustments. In addition, tolerance and process changes can be made in the model and simulated to find optimal conditions to get the greatest increase in quality at the lowest cost.

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