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However, my greatest gift has been
the people who reach me.

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Each day, I marvel at the number of people I have

had the privilege to reach through my work.

Stunning Amish Artwork For Sale on Fine Art Prints

N. A. Noel

Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires.
Nancy Noel, a philanthropist and painter,
is also a visionary. She captures the essence
of her subjects, depicting them with reverence
which quiets the mind and comforts the heart.
Noel's timeless paintings describe a world both
natural and mystical, with a finesse that
speaks directly to the soul.

One minute, Caleb Mast is an oil rig roughneck who answers to no one but himself. The next, he’s the father of a special needs child he never knew existed. What kind of home can a man like him—without faith or community—provide for an eight year old girl? For little Joy’s sake, Caleb returns to the Amish community he left behind years ago. His daughter bonds with Amish school teacher Leah Belier, and Caleb feels hopeful for once. But Leah blames Caleb for dashing long-ago dreams and can’t bear to trust him. With Christmas weeks away, one special girl just may bring two hearts—and an entire community—together.

Sensitive portraits of animals and Amish children
made Noel a household name.
The intimacy of the Amish children portrayed is not
seen in mainstreamed American culture.
In contrast, the African series demonstrates
a unique versatility bringing us face to face
with the haunting charisma of a diminishing culture.
At the same time, Nancy's angelic messengers float
ethereally on canvas, all asking the viewer to see
beyond the paintings into another dimension
encouraging us closer to our divinity in
celebration of who we are.

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Luke Bowman's homecoming is turning Emma Swartzentruber's carefully ordered world upside down. Gone is her rebellious girlhood crush, and in his place is a handsome man who seems committed to serving the community. Luke's even agreed to work for Emma's ill father, whose last wish is to see his daughter wedded to a stable, loving man. But Luke-a man who flirted with the outside world with disastrous consequences-is hardly marriage material for a good Amish woman. Yet this Christmas, when her family is flung into crisis, Emma finds that he may just be the one to capture her heart for good.

Emilia Clarke
# 67 on STARmeter