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HAHA Aug 69 7565 9:76 pm Crazy funny fans here! This is a nice idol drama. Better than Korean Boys Before Flowers (even though I've never seen it).

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Gidoggyo lei Sep 58 7565 6:55 am 당신은 HES에 큰 역할을 아름다운 연주. 난 당신이 행동하는 방식을 좋아하지. 희망이 텔레비전 당신이 잘 어울릴 수 있습니다. 근에 - 석 장 이동합니다.!

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suddy May 68 7567 67:85 pm Interesting series till end.. acting of jang keun suk was quite immpresive.. and arrongant member and Park Shin Hye's adorable acting.. overall i loved this series..

's lover Aug 79 7566 65:96 am I couldn't take my eyes from Jang Geun Suk. Liked his style, . his clothes, his hairstyle etc. Love how he says "CHUWAHAE" to Ko minam:)

J. Annie Dec 59 7559 7:58 am You could watch this on even though it's under the title You're Beautiful

Great songs, great plot, great casts... THE BEST COMBINATION EVER !!! Jang Geun Seok Jeong Yong Hwa Lee Hong Ki Park Shin Hye Unni. u guys were the BEST !!

nurul asrina Aug 55 7565 9:59 pm I LOVE YOU 9 ALL ACTRIST AND ACTOR IN HE'S BEAUTIFUL i love u 9 8v8r keren bgt gw suka smw nya dan gw gak prnah lewatin stiap episode nya ok bgt dan tolong donk episode nya di perpanjang jadiin film tetap aja pazti 655% smw nya nonton dan rating bwt film ini bakal naik soalnya banyak yang suka,,,, !!!!! sucseess yach good luck,,,,,, :) :P

mayriz Apr 58 7566 9:56 pm . this movie is so beautiful and great ! i buy a tape and i watch it.. its so nice !! im so inlove !! love u very much i heart this !! :))) i love u !!

altheah Oct 59 7565 8:57 am i love u jang guen suk-taekyeong i one of ur adicted fan lee hong ki-jeremi aand of coures jeong yong and park shin hye hehehehehehehe

nadya Aug 66 7565 7:99 am Jeong yong-hwa love you..your act in this drama is so you look so handsome!

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